Meet the Team

Ms. Tingna
Founder of Tingna Dance Studio
Specialization: Hiphop, Jazz, Choreography
As a U.S. Alien of Extraordinary Ability in Dance, Ms. Tingna has dedicated over 16 years to teaching street dance styles. As a proud mother of three children, she discovers her lifelong passion lies in dance and children’s education. Her aspiration extends beyond simply teaching dance; she aims to nurture individuals who will positively influence and serve their communities. Ms. Tingna has adjudicated in international dance competitions and coached championship-caliber teams in renowned national children’s dance competitions, such as KAR, Spotlight, and Imagine, among others.
十六年专注街舞舞蹈家,美国舞蹈家特殊人才移民,湾区国际儿童赛事裁判,公校音乐启蒙义工老师。2008年北京奥运会现场舞蹈演出领舞及编舞,2010年广州亚运会现场舞蹈演出领舞及编舞,2011年深圳大运会现场舞蹈演出领舞及编舞,2009-2012年 CBA篮球联赛现场舞蹈演出领舞及编舞,2012年CCTV央视舞蹈比赛全国前十。曾受VOA美国之音,CCTV中央电视台、GDTV广东电视台、GZTV广州电视台个人专访。2023年带领湾区儿童街舞队获奖:Imagine全国舞蹈赛湾区总冠军,Believe全国舞蹈赛湾区总冠军,KAR区域赛小组混合最高分,香港儿童街舞比赛编舞奖。
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Ms. Qiaoqiao
CSDA Certified Hiphop Grading Coach, Judge and Dance Instructor
Specialization: Hiphop, Jazz, Latin, Folk
As a devoted mother of two children, Ms. Qiao brings with her 25 years of dance performance experience and 9 years of teaching expertise. In 2023, she earned certifications as a Hip-Hop Grading coach, competition judge, and Hiphop instructor. She currently holds the distinction of being the sole certified member of the CSDA organization in the Bay Area. As a core member of the Q Dance team, she has showcased her talents at NBA Golden State Warriors games, SVCBA competitions, the OMG Fair, and various other prestigious events.
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Coach Leo
Chinese National Athlete in Gymnastic, Acro Coach
Specialization: Gymnastic, Acro
Leo, a national-level gymnast, began his journey in sports at the age of four when he was selected to train at a state professional sports school. By the age of nine, he had earned a place on the professional state competition team and went on to secure numerous championships. His achievements led him to join the Chinese national team in 2002-2003 and represent China at the 10th National Games of China in 2005. Now, as a proud father of two sons, Leo is committed to supporting more children in the field of gymnastics and acro.
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Ms. Vivi
Adult Jazz Instructor, Kid’s Hiphop Instructor
Specialization: Jazz, Hiphop
As a proud mom, Ms. Vivi has danced alongside Ms. Tingna for over 10 years, starting from their days at the University of Maryland, where Vivi served as the president of the Zhi Dance Team. Our team has been invited to perform at numerous events, including NBA Wizards games, the PCI Miss Asian American Pageant, and the movie “Study Abroad.” Passionate about dance and education, she has continually honed her leadership and choreographic skills while teaching at EDS, specializing in Jazz, Hip-Hop, and innovative choreography. Ms. Vivi is dedicated to inspiring her students and helping them achieve their fullest potential both on and off the stage.
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Coach Alice
ZIN certified Zumba Coach and Kids’ Zumba Coach
Specialization: Zumba
As a Zumba coach certified for over a decade, Alice’s wealth of experience and adoration from countless moms speak volumes. Her journey in teaching Zumba has evolved into a true passion for dance fitness. Alice believes that fitness should be as diverse as your desires. With a profound love for music and dance, she crafts classes that are irresistible, blending easy-to-follow routines with infectious energy, all set to the exhilarating beats of Latin American rhythms. From Salsa to Merengue, Cha-Cha to Samba, Reggaeton to Lambada, Bachata to Cumbia, and beyond, Alice’s classes promise a dynamic and enjoyable experience. So, skip the workout and join the party!
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Mr. Xiaole
Hiphop Dance Instructor, Freestyle Competitor
Specialization: Hiphop, Popping, Locking, Freestyle
Since 2006, I’ve dedicated myself to mastering the Old School Hip-Hop dance style, incorporating Popping and Locking to create a versatile Freestyle Hip-Hop. Joining Taiwan’s MASK & Mr. Underground crew in 2008, I specialize in teaching street dance fundamentals such as isolation, grooving, body control, technique, Hip-Hop elements, and freestyle variations. I’ve had the privilege to collaborate with artists like Ho Run Dong, Chen Guanxi, and Wu Kequn. My competitive journey includes victories in renowned events such as Typhoon Entertainment’s “迴真晚街 vol.7 Freestyle Battle,” T.O.P. Dance Competition in Tainan, and the 7th Da Jiang Cup Street Dance Competition in the HIPHOP category.
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Ms. Yili
Kpop Dance Instructor, Competition Team Captain
Specialization: Kpop, Hiphop
Her passion for dance and K-pop is palpable. In 2023, she clinched first place among 200 candidates at the Bay Area Kpop world tour Auditions organized by YG Entertainment, well known as the Black Pink Agent Company. Starting her dance journey at the age of 6, she progressed to join the Lujun competition team Zen in 2021-2022, followed by the Fengye Dance Studio youth team in 2022-2023, and has been an integral member of the Tingna competition team since 2023. Additionally, she dedicates her time as the Hiphop dance head coach at the nonprofit organization, Little Grass Foundation. She is a great example for many and has inspired more and more children to follow their dance dreams.
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Mr. Tree
Breaking Instructor
Specialization: Breaking
Hip-hop culture and development stem from breaking dance; a street dance without breaking is incomplete! That’s why we are super excited to introduce the Bboy Master Tree. With over 10 years of breaking experience and as a former member of Bu Breakers, Mr. Tree is dedicated to sharing breaking culture and promoting the exchange and progress of different street dance styles to kids and adults. How do you nurture a cool B-boy or B-Girl? How do you learn authentic and professional breaking moves with a Master? How can kids safely learn breaking without getting injured? Come and experience Mr. Tree’s class!
Hiphop的文化和发展源于Breaking dance,没有breaking的街舞是不完整的,隆重向大家介绍,超过10年的breaking舞龄,前bu breakers成员,Tree老师。Tree老师的目标是分享Breaking文化,促进不同的街舞舞种交流进步。如何培养一个帅气的Breaking男孩女孩?如何学到纯正又专业的Breaking动作?如何让孩子安全地学习Breaking不受伤?一起来Tree老师课堂体验一下吧!
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Coach Elisha
Acro Instructor, Competition Team Coach
Specialization: Gymnastic
Elisha, the reigning Bay Area Champion in the Fall Fest Gymnastic Competition and a top 5 finisher in the California State competition, continues to impart her expertise as an Acro instructor at Tingna Dance Studio entering the third consecutive year. With a gymnastics journey that began at the age of 5, she has accumulated over four years of teaching experience. Beyond her gymnastic prowess, Elisha is deeply involved in community work, serving at the Southbay Community Baptist Church for the WayAwesomeKidsClub, where her passion for connecting with young children to teenagers shines through. Her students not only benefit from her classes but also relish the opportunity to learn and grow under her guidance.
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Coach Anna
Acro Instructor, Competition Team Coach
Specialization: Gymnastic
Starting her gymnastics journey at the age of 6, Anna’s passion for the sport is evident. In 2023, she achieved a significant milestone by joining the Milpitas High School Colorguard and securing a top 3 placement in a national competition. Anna’s dedication to gymnastics led to her selection to work alongside Stanford Gymnastics Coach Scott Burns at Game Time Elite Gymnastics in Milpitas. Additionally, she has been training the Tingna Competition Teams for over a year now, where her focus on improving kids’ acro techniques has contributed to multiple competition awards for the teams.
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Ms. Jessica
Hiphop Instructor
Specialization: Hiphop, Folk, Kid’s Performance Director
Jessica is the proud mother of two boys. She previously hosted the children’s program “Happy Show” on Anhui TV and served as the dance instructor for the Red Azalea Children’s Art Troupe at Anhui TV. Additionally, she has experience as a director and producer for CCTV programs. Specializing in hip-hop and folk dance, Jessica has over a decade of experience as a professional instructor for art examinations in China.
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Ms. Serena
Hiphop & Kpop Instructor
Specialization: Hiphop, Kpop, Cheerleading
Serena is the 1st trained instructor by Ms. Tingna, specializing in kids’ hip-hop classes with over three years of teaching experience. Adored by her students, she has positively impacted more than a hundred young dancers. Driven by her passion for dance, Serena aspires to grow further in her career and achieve her dream of becoming a renowned dance teacher. Previously, she also taught at Galaxy Dance Studio and Eva Dance Academy. Her background includes serving as a cheerleader at Amador Valley High School, where she contributed to the team’s multiple championships in national and regional competitions. Additionally, Serena is skilled in teaching K-pop, dance techniques, and cheerleading style, bringing a diverse set of expertise to her students.
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